About CPM
Most people have that one friend who is great at filling a blank page with a beautiful creative painting or illustration. Their passion is in their work, but not creating a business steamed from that passion. Crystal Palette Management is the management company for emerging and professional artists. Artists who work with CPM need clarity with how to present themselves, their work, and achieve growth opportunities. These artists come from all different backgrounds and have unique styles. CPM is their business backbone while the artist can have the freedom to create. 

Brand Essence 
The CPM brand is clean, clear, and confident through the design and mission. As designing a new identity it was essential to stay structured and organized just as the management company will be. The artist who work with CPM get clarity in their work, and their artist goals. This is represented through a crystal that is clean-cut with the same clarity artist will obtain working with CPM. 

Creative Considerations 
The name Crystal Palette was originally intended for other artistic projects, but now the word management was included for clarity to showcase the companies service. There was not a full brand identity prior to the beginning of CPM, but the name was paired with a paint brush and palette. With this in mind the traditional paint icon and artistic tools would not going to play a role in the identity. 

Behind the logo 
The words crystal and palette are both visual and iconic words and have clear imagery alone. Breaking it down, a palette is the collection of artists who come from different backgrounds who have different style – just like different colors and paints on an artists palette. The crystal resembles the clarity CPM can provide to each artist. The detail in the primary mark is created with multi-faceted shapes as structure develops in the artists as well as the company. The blues create a sense calm while maintaining simple and clean without overpowering the work from the artist.
The variations of the logo design are to be flexible but still functional in all ways representing the brand.
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